horse wax seal necklace

Wax seal necklace with horse and Latin motto

A wax seal necklace depicting a horse.

The words framing this piece reads in Latin:
Festina Lente
(Make Haste Slowly)

“More haste, less speed”, 
as this horse emphasize with an extended trot.
Keep a proper balance of urgency and diligence.
Activities are best done in a state of flow
in which one is fully engaged by the task
and there is no sense of time passing.

The term “Festina Lente” has been a widely used motto in heraldry.
Roman emperors Augustus and Titus used the motto as their slogan.
In heraldry the horse is a symbol of speed and intelligence.

The antique wax seal intaglio used in creating this necklace dates back to the 19th Century, the Victorian era England.

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