Cling To You necklace

I Cling To You – wax seal necklace with tree trunk and vine trellis

A wax seal necklace with a vine and tree trunk.

The words framing this piece reads in French:
Je Meurs Ou Je M’Attache
(I Die Where I Cling)

A symbol of love, this expression refers to an unalterable fidelity,
a bond that lasts unto death.

For they were like the honeysuckle vine,
Which around a hazel tree will twine,
Holding the trunk as in a fist
And climbing until its tendrils twist
Around the top and hold it fast.
Together tree and vine will last.
But then, if anyone should pry
The vine away, they both will die.
“My love, we’re like that vine and tree;
I’ll die without you, you without me.”

(Marie de France – Chevrefoil)

The wax seal used in creating this necklace dates back to the 1840’s France.

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