Wax Seal Jewelry by Theme

  • Nautical (Anchors, Boats)
    Hope In Thee
    I Console
    Hope Sustains Me
    Hope Supports
    Hold Fast
    Do Not Despair
  • Wolves and Foxes
    Who Endures Conquers
    I Dare
    The Fox and The Rooster
    The Fox and The Grapes
    Fox Sejant
  • Horses and Donkeys
    High Spirited Yet Sensitive
    Obstacles Raise My Passion
    Horse Rearing
    Free To Play
    Festina Lente
    Horse and Rider
    Galloping Horse
    Stately But Docile
    Break Free
    Know Thyself Donkey
  • Phoenix, Dragon and Wyvern (Mythical Beasts)
    Step To A New Life
    I Suffer Alone
    I Have Resolved
    Dragon Head Crest
  • Trees, Plants and Leaves
    When Struck I Rise
    In Vain Destiny Separates Us
    Stand The Test Of Time
    Rather Break Than Bend
    It’s Easier To Make A Promise Than To Keep One
    Tree of Life
    Be Favorable To Me
    Better To Bend Than To Break
    I Die Where I Cling
    I Change Only In Death
    Unchanged By Time
    Grow – Don’t Change
    Grow – Don’t Change (tree seedling)
    No Amount Of Time Can Change It
  • Skulls (Memento Mori)
    Which You Are I Once Was, Which What I Am You Will Become
    Thus It Was
    Think Of It
    Fear Not That Which Is In Your Heart
  • Bees, Butterflies and Snails
    Live Life To The Fullest
    We May Be Happy Yet
    No One Penetrates My Secrets
    Be Silent
    Wait A Moment
    For A Day
    Thy Sweetness Is My Life
    I Wait
    Always At Home
  • Birds (Peacock, Swallow, Eagles and more)
    I Only Sing For You
    The Most Beautiful
    Always Wandering, Never Unfaithful
    He Who Neglects Me Loses Me
    Freedom Makes Me Faithful
    Forgetfulness Kills Me
    Actions Speak Louder Than Words
    While I Live I’ll Crow
    I Wait My Time
    Strength Over The Enemy
    I Bring Peace
    The Difficulty Is To Escape
    Hope In God
  • Griffin and Heraldic Tiger (Mythical Beasts)
    Large Demi-Griffin Rampant
    Demi-Griffin With Iron Cross
    Griffin’s Head Crest
    Griffin Crest With Crown And Shield
    Always Towards Better Things
    God Helps Those Who Help Themselves
    Tiger Passant
  • Sun, Moon and Stars
    I Invoke Them All For Your Happiness
    I Never Retreat
    Through Thickest Clouds I Find My Way
    When It Appears, It Conceals All
    Until We Meet Again
    Watch Over The One I Love
    It Has Guided Me Well
    I Trust It