Palm tree wax seal necklace

Palm tree wax seal necklace with Latin motto Concussus Surgo

A wax seal necklace with a palm tree crest.

The words framing this piece reads in Latin:
Concussus Surgo
(When Struck, I Rise)

I will rebound.

The heraldic symbol of a palm tree represents victory.

The 16th Century Latin motto refers to an abstract pictorial concept, a ball being struck into the ground and rebounding. Symbolizing of how we are played in the game of life.

“That whil’st we live we shall be playd with so,
And that the World will make her Game of us.
Adversities, one while our hearts constraine
To stoope, and knock the Pavements of Despaire;
Hope, like a Whirle-wind mounts us up againe,
Till oft it lose us in the empty ayre…
When Balls against the Stones are hardest throwne,
Then highest up into the Aire they fly;
Up to Heav’n, we trust, we shall rebound.”

The antique wax seal used in creating this charm dates back to the early 1800’s Georgian era England.

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