Phoenix Wax Seal Necklace

Phoenix Wax Seal Necklace

A wax seal necklace with a Phoenix amid fire and flames.

The words framing this piece reads in French:
Je Souffre Seul
(I Suffer Alone)

Rise again, more glorious.

The Phoenix represents resurrection, mind and spirit.
A symbol of power and strength.
A symbol of the renewal of oneself, better and stronger than before.

The wax seal depicts a Phoenix rising amid fire and flames, its wings displayed and elevated raised for flight, and its head upturned to its right.
In Greek mythology the long-lived fire bird Phoenix is associated with the sun. It’s a mystical and magical creature obtaining new life by rising from its predecessor. The old Phoenix seeking new birth from wished-for death. It bursts itself and its nest into fire, dies, and then being born again in a higher realm, it rises from the ashes.

The antique wax seal used in creating this charm dates back to the beginning of the 1800’s, from France.

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