Sun Wax Seal Necklace With Latin Motto

Through Thickest Clouds I Find My Way

A wax seal necklace with the sun emerging from the clouds.

The words framing this piece reads in Latin:
Inter Nubila Densa Inveniam Viam
(Through Thickest Clouds I Find My Way)

This particular motto is mentioned in a book from 1830 written by Mr William Tassie;
“A Catalogue of That Part of Mr. William Tassie’s Extensive Collection of Impressions from Engraved Gems, Consisting of Devices and Emblems, with Mottos in Various Languages Made in Composition for Seals”.
#812 The SUN emerging from a Cloud.
“Inter nubila densa inveniam viam”
Thro’ thickest Clouds I find my way.

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