The Fox and The Rooster

The Fox and The Rooster

A wax seal necklace with a fox and a rooster.

The words framing this piece reads in French:
Fin Contre Fin…
(End Versus Expected Ending)

From the Aesop childhood fable “the Fox and the Rooster” we all learn how the rooster turns the tables and beats the fox at his own game.

The charm symbolizes a person who is clever, will not fall for flattery and sees through lies and deception.

The Aesop fable The Fox And The Rooster:

A rooster was perched on a branch of a very high tree, crowing loudly. His powerful exclamations were heard throughout the forest and caught the attention of a hungry fox who was out and about looking for a prey. The fox saw how high the bird was positioned and thought of a sly way to bring the rooster down for his meal.
“Excuse me, my dear proud Rooster,” he gently spoke, “Have you not heard of the universal treaty and proclamation of harmony that is now set before all beasts and birds and every creature in our forest. We are no longer to hunt or prey nor ravish one another, but we are to live together in peace, harmony, and love.
Do come down, Rooster, and we shall speak more on this matter of such great importance.”
Now, the rooster, who knew that the fox was known for his sly wit, said nothing, but looked out in the distance, as if he were seeing something.
“At what are you looking so intently?” asked the fox
“I see a pack of wild dogs,” said the rooster, “I do believe they’re coming our way, Mr. Fox.”
“Oh, I must go,” said the fox.
“Please do not go yet, Mr. Fox,” said the rooster, “I was just on my way down. We will wait on the dogs and discuss this new time of peace with all.”
“No, no,” said the fox, “I must go. The dogs have not heard of this treaty of peace yet.”

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